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The Church Key is your destination pub whether you’re looking for an impressive selection of craft beers or a pub meal with flair.

This extensively renovated pub resides in a prominent heritage building across from the Grand Theatre on Richmond Row in downtown London and features an intimate outdoor courtyard. The Church Key follows in the British tradition of the gastro pub by specializing in traditional food done with gourmet flair.

Chef Michael Anglestad has over 20 years experience in fine dining and uses seasonal, locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Owners Pete and Vanessa Willis have nearly 50 years combined experience in the restaurant industry and the opening of The Church Key in May of 2009 is the culmination of a long time dream.

Come in for a visit and enjoy the warm and relaxed atmosphere. The staff at The Church Key look forward to introducing you to the taste of something wonderfully different.

"We are definitely pub people. We like an uncomplicated place where you can talk and have good food and beer
and wine."

There are many stories of how the simple bottle opener came to be known as a ‘Church Key’. We believe the following to be most likely. Legend has it that when the first cast iron bottle openers were developed in the early 1900’s their shape reminded people of large, old fashioned church door keys. With deference to our wonderful neighbours at St. Paul's Cathedral and St. Peter's Basilica, it is more than probable that an irreverent joke was attached as well – in that drinking beer may have been considered an ‘unchurchly’ thing to do. We of course disagree.

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